Deliver a comprehensive programme to develop and enable a Mutual Value approach to your commercial relationships

Deliver specific interventions based on the Mutual Value approach

Give challenging keynote speeches or facilitate workshops and round tables designed to develop a Mutual Value approach


Our programme is designed to create the basis for a trusted and trusting commercial relationship, where the ambition is to create much greater value together and share more fully in its benefits.

It’s based on proven training, consulting and coaching processes which have delivered huge RoI for the clients involved and helped transform their approach.

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“Kevin supported our team on a sales culture change programme.. He was able to effectively challenge a senior team in a way that I’ve not seen from others in his field.”

David Lister, Partner at EY


Some clients want us to work on a specific issue, team or client to make a difference.

This may be aimed at identifying how to build trust; developing a key account; getting the story right for market leadership; looking at how to increase margins; coaching leaders to help them develop a more powerful narrative.

We can do this using tools and techniques included in our Mutual Value programme.

“Stuart interviewed leaders from both Skanska and the client, bringing along the way real insight and asking questions that forced us to think hard about how we were special and great for this client. He then ran a powerful workshop in which the leadership from both sides were open, engaged and focused.
This has led to much greater understanding on both sides and concrete actions that will deepen the relationship. Of course this will result in new opportunities for Skanska.”

Jonathan Webster, Key Account Director, Skanska UK


When you have the key people in the room that time needs to count. That’s where we thrive,  challenging their thinking, helping them create a vision which aligns the team and identifying where they can create much more value.

We can facilitate round tables and client workshops, where the aim is to have open, honest conversations designed to share knowledge and discover new possibilities.

We deliver challenging keynotes, asking the direct questions that help the audience rethink their views about how they build value with their key partners.

We can bring this powerful approach to leadership offsites, especially where the aim is clarity and alignment, a clear focus, an agreed vision and an understanding of the behaviours which flow from it.

“Stuart energised our partner’s awayday with a dynamic, challenging workshop …This did much more than create a real buzz at the event. It ensured partners focused on how we look from a client’s perspective and what really makes a difference in the marketplace. Stuart linked this closely to our business strategy and ensured that the different teams were able to develop their own story. This helped frame the rest of our discussions.I would recommend Stuart as a compelling speaker at any professional event.”
Maureen Penfold, Managing Partner, Kingston Smith

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