True professionalism
is based on trust


Professional services are crowded markets in which rival firms with similar capabilities compete. Technical specialists focus on their professional expertise, but in the absence of any other differences, price appears as the winning factor.
Yet research shows clients actually choose on cultural and team fit – and whether they trust the team in front of them to work well with their own people.
In other words, how you show up. Building a sustainable, trusted relationship based on better behaviours is the way to win, retain and grow major professional accounts. That’s what we help you do.

We offer bespoke consultancy, training and coaching, and a Professional Services Training Programme that ensures your people become trusted advisers. 

“The problem is not in figuring out what to do. Rather, the problem is to find the strength and courage to do what we know to be right.”

David Maister, ‘True Professionalism’


Differentiation based on behaviours

In a fast-changing world, clients want a partner who supports agility and responsiveness, consistently helping them make the right decisions and acting on them. That is why the relationship is more important with key accounts than simply technical expertise. Value-based conversations which come from a position of trust are the foundation of strong major accounts and the delivery of a truly professional service. Then, delivery by a team who behave in a way that is consistent with these principles builds that trust and grows the relationship.
There are three ways we can help:


    • Our Mutual Value Major Account Programme is an approach that impacts how you and your teams show up to your most important customers. It can also affect with which customers you choose to work.
    • Our Ecosystem Leadership Programme enables you to provide diverse services with aligned trust behaviours among partners. This is a move away from transactional relationships with service providers. Hierarchical management won’t work
    • Our Executive Leadership Support can help you achieve more to enable your leadership to work in an aligned way, with an ambitious collective vision and agreed behaviours.

    WE THINK….



    “Kevin has a wealth of experience in BD and leadership and leverages that knowledge to challenge those around him to aspire to achieve more. Kevin is intrinsically commercial, whilst working with a strong commitment to ensuring that relationships are based on mutual benefit, thinking win/win. I confidently recommend Kevin as a coach and as a commercial leader.”

    Juliet Shaw, Director, Forensic Advisory Assurance, EY


    “Stuart was acting as a moderator, but he was also a catalyst. He was able to distil the issues and make people focus on the aspects which really matter. …He was drawing out of people what was really essential to be able to move forward …we managed to fairly smoothly move into a process where we were aligned.. and we managed to find something to inspire us…”

    Stefan Krummek, Principal, TFP Farrells, Asia


    “Kevin supported our team on a sales culture change programme.. He was able to effectively challenge a senior team in a way that I’ve not seen from others in his field.”

    David Lister, Partner at EY

    Moore Kingston Smith

    “Stuart energised our partner’s awayday with a dynamic, challenging workshop …This did much more than create a real buzz at the event. It ensured partners focused on how we look from a client’s perspective and what really makes a difference in the marketplace. Stuart linked this closely to our business strategy and ensured that the different teams were able to develop their own story. This helped frame the rest of our discussions.”

    Maureen Penfold, Managing Partner, Moore Kingston Smith

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