By Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smoth, Joint MDs of Mutual Value Ltd (the real one)

The irony. Our whole focus is on building trust and creating greater value through doing so. Now we discover that trust in our brand may be compromised by the fact that someone has adopted our name, links to our company number and uses our address on a website that purports to be an investment company.

The website is and this appears to be a clear attempt to leverage our name to entice others to part with their money.

It goes without saying that we have nothing to do with this, we do not ask for investment or for anyone to part with their money through our site and are mortified that they are using a legitimate business as a cover for their activities.

We have reported this to the police and Google. Cloning appears to be a widespread crime with many businesses impacted by others pretending to be them.

Our advice if you find yourself on their site by accident, looking for us: leave immediately. We apologise for any mistakes that are made but of course we cannot be held responsible for anything anyone does when landing on