“The central message of this book is that the most professional and effective way to behave at work is to trust and be trustworthy. Critically, this is the way to build more valuable relationships.

The difference at work is that you need to develop this habit deliberately. This requires a structured approach.  That’s what this book will provide.”

Excerpt from the introduction to ‘Choose Trust’

 By Stuart Maister, Joint MD, Mutual Value

23 years after my cousin David created the phrase The Trusted Advisor… We are delighted to announce that we have been commissioned by Economist Books and Profile Books to write a book on trust called Choose Trust.

.                                                              Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smith

We will set out why making Trust the core of your leadership and sales strategy creates far more value for the organisation, its people and its customers – and how to do this.

Our approach is to look at how to become a Trusted Partner – moving beyond the role of Advisor or Leader and recognising the interdependence between the different people involved in a high trust relationship.

Watch out for our first podcast based on this book, coming soon. And contact us if any of this resonates with your own needs as a leader.

Does this resonate? If so, let’s have an open discussion about what this might mean for your business and what difference it would make for everyone to act as a trusted partner to your clients. 

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