Construction: turning warm words into
real behaviours



Project 13 and multiple reports in the sector have called out the need for collaborative not transactional behaviour as a way of dramatically improving performance in infrastructure delivery.

Yet procurement professionals, programme managers, contractors and suppliers rapidly revert to type when there’s a major contract, building in problems when the project goes live.

A Mutual Value approach establishes that behaviour is as important as technical capability in major projects. How you do it is as critical as what you do. We support the conscious design of the key relationships, coupled with mutual accountability for consistency in behaviour.

Trust: the differentiator
for major contractors

In major projects an intelligent customer isn’t just buying on price. They are embarking on a long term relationship with major suppliers in a world which will inevitably change, and so your task is to show them that they can trust you and you can align your interests with theirs.
There are three ways we can help:


    • Our Mutual Value Major Account Programme is an approach that impacts how you and your teams show up to your most important customers. It can also affect with which customers you choose to work.
    • Our Ecosystem Leadership Programme enables you to provide diverse services with aligned trust behaviours among partners. This is a move away from transactional relationships with service providers. Hierarchical management won’t work
    • Our Executive Leadership Support can help you achieve more to enable your leadership to work in an aligned way, with an ambitious collective vision and agreed behaviours.


    • Strategic relationships – developing a trust-based Mutual Value approach between contractors, partners, clients and the supply chain
    • Pre-construction business development – differentiating contractors through their behaviours
    • Mobilisation of major projects – building teams that achieve higher performance
    • Delivery of major projects – facilitating higher levels of collaboration to achieve a collective vision of success

    WE THINK….


    Skanska UK

    “…real insight and asking questions that forced us to think hard about how we were special and great for this client. (They) then ran a powerful workshop in which the leadership from both sides were open, engaged and focused. This has led to much greater understanding on both sides and concrete actions that will deepen the relationship. Of course, this will result in new opportunities for Skanska.”

    Jonathan Webster, Key Account Director, Skanska UK


    “When Arup decided to strengthen our reputation as Digital Leaders, we turned to Stuart… He helped us create a simple, powerful narrative around a few big ideas that cut through complexity and reflect our distinctive position…He can work with our most senior leaders as he continues to engage with us”

    Karim Emara, CMO, Arup


    “For Pay.UK…untangling where we want to focus was incredibly important to land. Stuart and Kevin helped us do this through a number of workshops, interviews and bringing their expertise of understanding complex ecosystems to life… I asked for clarity and simplicity and this is what they brought – along with a bit of humour which is always welcome. It was great to work with the Mutual Value team and they definitely delivered on their promise.”

    Kate Frankish, Director of Strategy, Pay.UK

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