Lead your ecosystem: The Ecosystem Edge programme to ensure innovation and agility

Do you need to innovate to achieve one or more of these outcomes:

  • New customer solutions
  • New business models
  • Scale at pace
  • Mobilisation of multiple organisations to achieve a common purpose
  • Greater agility in responding to change

The world moves too fast to assume your organisation has all the answers or best ideas. Customer demands are too complex and ever-changing. Rapid scale may be required. Different ways of thinking. Agility is critical – and this is the enemy of the transactional way many companies deal with their supply chain and customers.

The right way to tackle these challenges may be to actively develop and lead an ecosystem. This can change the way you approach your market in fundamental ways, allowing you to harness the ideas, capabilities and resources of many other organisations and people. But it requires careful thought and a deliberate strategy. It may involve cultural and behavioural change focused on collaboration, not control.

This is an evolution that can bring radical benefits. It can also be the wrong choice – and that’s why you need to carefully think this through.

Ecosystem Edge: Sustaining Competitiveness in the Face of Disruption

We’ve teamed up with Peter Williamson Professor of International Management at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, and Arnoud De Meyer, Professor at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business of Singapore Management University. They’ve spent 12 years studying ecosystems around the world and have co-authored the definitive book on how to develop and lead ecosystems.

‘Mutual Value has been selected to develop and lead the Ecosystem Edge programme to support clients considering this approach to their business. Peter and Arnoud are available to participate in Mutual Value-led programmes and content from them features in the work.’

The Ecosystem Edge Programme

We offer four modules, each of which can be commissioned as a standalone project or work together as an integrated Programme for the development and delivery of a high value ecosystem. Click on the title of each module for a fuller description.



Alignment: determining the value of an ecosystem

A board-level workshop to explore the ecosystem strategy and what it would take to put it into practice.


Activation module

Ecosystem leadership: putting it into practice

Training, consulting and coaching with those responsible for leading the ecosystem strategy to design and initiate the ecosystem leadership strategy.


Development module

Ecosystem leverage: engaging partners and developing value

Training, consulting and coaching with those responsible for leading and delivering the ecosystem strategy to support the rollout.


Growth module

Ecosystem growth: reviewing, developing and leading

Reviewing, consulting, coaching and training with those responsible for leading and delivering the ecosystem strategy to measure success, review the strategy and support growth.

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