By Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smith, Joint MDs of Mutual Value

Pre-COVID every organisation talked about being agile, responsive, innovative, consultative, transformative, purpose-led, aligned with a vision and driven by values. Yet most failed to hit the highest standards on most of these claims.

If COVID has changed anything it is the realisation that organisations will need to live these attributes because we are in an age in which anything can happen. Agility, innovation, responsiveness are critical, and they are delivered through consistency of vision and values applied in changing circumstances. The challenge for most organisations is that they are not collaborative and behave in short term, transactional ways both internally and externally. For some COVID will have changed that; for others exposed their shortcomings.

Our position is that ecosystems should be a core strategy to embed changed behaviours that will result in much more ambitious outcomes in all directions: with key customers, suppliers, partners, associates and wider stakeholders. In this web seminar we discussed this with three leading thinkers in the area:

  • From Singapore: Professor Arnoud De Meyer, co-author of a new book Ecosystem Edge and Professor at the LKCS School of Business in Singapore Management University, as well as a former Director of the Judge Business School at Cambridge University
  • From Dubai: Vera Futorjanski, World Economic Forum Ecosystems Working Group member, Board Member LEAD Ventures, Dubai
  • From the UK: Richard Anderson, Ex-Director and Chairman of the Institute of Risk Management, NED of Pay.UK
Web seminar on Ecosystems

At Mutual Value we work with organisations who want to be more ambitious about that they can achieve with their customers, suppliers and partners. This is based on a changed mindset, a new skillset and a toolset we have developed, and deliver through consultancy, training and coaching programmes.

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