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Between them, the two people behind Mutual Value have over 60 years of professional experience working at the most senior levels in organisations of all sizes and locations. They have both been consultants, practitioners, business leaders and pioneers in their fields, thinking about new ways to create success for their clients. Both are inspirational keynote speakers and workshop facilitators, with decades of experience of helping clients think through change and engage the people who need to be involved. Mutual Value is based in the UK but works around the world to support its clients – and theirs.


Kevin is a passionate believer in the power of trust, relationships built on mutual benefit and the potential for synergy.

He is an expert in working with leadership teams to create compelling visions and strategies, and connect the behaviours that produce results.

He designed and delivered a global behavioural change programme for client-facing teams at EY that achieved a huge RoI. He led the UK team of a global behavioural change consultancy and training firm and significantly grew the business.

Kevin started his career in technology and his experience gained in leadership roles there has translated into major transformation      programmes in commercial,professional services and               government organisations.


Stuart’s mission is to help leaders get clear about their distinctive truth, define and articulate their vision, identify how they provide value, and communicate it more effectively through powerful narrative.

In this way they are better able to engage with the people they need to reach, and be more ambitious about what they can create together.

A former national on-air reporter with the BBC, ITN, Sky and others, he pioneered broadcast PR and sold his first award-winning business to a NASDAQ-listed firm. He then ran their international division.

Stuart’s second enterprise led the way in the use of web video for market and company leadership. Working at senior levels helped him understand that the real value came from helping those involved to be clear and focused and to tell that story effectively. 

This led to a consultancy supporting firms in co-creating a new narrative with and for their important clients. That develops a bigger vision of what is possible.

Stuart’s style is journalistic, seeking the essential truths that provide a powerful foundation for clarity and alignment.


Our logo symbolises our approach. Two ‘U’s come together to form a ‘W’. Two ‘you’s come together to form a ‘double you’ – or, we strongly advocate, much, much more than that.

In our view of relationships, if 1+1=2 then no greater value has been created. 1+1 should equal 3, 33 or even more.

That’s symbolised by the yellow light visible at the intersection of the double you. We’re developing together a bright vision of something much greater when we combine in an open, collaborative and aligned way.

The ‘double you’ now stands for something extremely  powerful: ‘WE’.

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