“You don’t want to be Man of the Match on a losing team…”

Rich Postance, Accenture

By Stuart Maister, Joint MD, Mutual Value

Richard Postance is Head of Clients & Transformation at Accenture UK and he knows how to win, build and grow hugely valuable client relationships at the highest level. At the centre of his thinking is having the right intent – with clients, colleagues and partners – so that there are highly trusted partnerships that deliver differentiated value to everyone involved.

His thinking has been formed over a career with Big 4 firms and as an Oxford-educated consultant to major companies. What makes Richard stand out is his approach to winning business, and he sets out in this interview what that means, why and how this has led to him – somehow –  working with clients who also value relationships over simple transactions. No accident there, as you will hear…

This is a masterclass in how to build trust with major clients. If that’s what you need to do, this is a great use of 30 minutes of your time. 

Our podcast series, Choose Trust, features leaders and thinkers who set out why trust is the way to do business, how to build trust and the value this can create. It’s part if the research for our new book of the same name, published by Economist Books and out next year. 

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