This could be the best 7 minutes of your day…

We recently looked at different aspects of how you can rethink and reset your organisation in the New Normal. Over the course of 7 weekly web discussions with senior experts and participants, we discussed (all of these link to the recordings):

Wouldn’t it be great to get a summary of the key ideas we discussed? Well, guess what: now you can in this 7 minute video which features speakers from Crossrail, EY,, Capita, the UK government, senior advisers and, of course, us. 

7 minutes of pure gold – Rethink and Reset for the New Normal

What to do after you’ve watched it
One of three things:

1. Consider how powerful one of these sessions would be for your leadership team to explore these big ideas. 

We have a special offer for you – a 30 minute consultation with us to see if there is mutual value in our developing and facilitating a free web seminar for your senior colleagues on one of these issues. This will result in at least one great idea that could make the difference as we re-emerge.

2. Watch one or more of the web seminars in full – the links are above. Then reconsider 1. 

3. Reflect on how you enjoyed the 7 minutes and share it with 3 other people who will find it interesting too

If you’d like to set up the free 30 minute consultation then email with two words: ‘yes please’ – and we’ll be in touch.

We will all soon be re-emerging. What will have changed for you and your marketplace? How do you need to gear up for the new opportunities and challenges? Our principles:

  • Develop a clear Vision and live it
  • Identify and invest your Relationship Capital for maximum Return
  • Focus on Relationships not transactions with customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders
  • Consider how to develop a strong Ecosystem to reduce risk and maximise value creation

We can help your senior team consider what this means and what to do about it – for free. Send an email saying ‘yes please’ and we’ll share ideas with you and discuss whether there’s mutual value in developing a powerful web discussion for you at no cost.