“I characterised the past as Model A. Adversarial relationships, short term power based relationships with stakeholders…I said we’ll create a new model, Model B…which will mean a shared destiny relationships with all our stakeholders…we’re going to try and keep our customers for life.”

John Neill, Executive Chairman of Unipart

By Stuart Maister, Joint MD, Mutual Value

30 years ago John Neill had a conversation with the CEO of Jaguar LandRover that built trust. 30 years later his firm has won their latest massive contract with Jaguar LandRover that means he’ll add 1000 people to his payroll.

John is the Executive Chairman of Unipart, a business he has led for 35 years.He has built it from a UK car parts firm in a conflict-ridden industry into a global manufacturing, logistics and consulting company. And it is all based on the principles of trust that he laid down in the Unipart Way right at the start.

In this, the first in our series of podcast interviews, John sets out:


* How he built trust amid the warring commercial relationships of the 1970

* How he used high trust relationships to create loyal and valuable customers that have fuelled his global expansion

* The difference between Model A and Model B ways of doing business and why Model A is a disaster and Model B creates value

* How to tackle the scourge of procurement that gets in the way of more productive relationships

* How he recruits and trains his people to be true to his principles

* The importance of leadership to drive this culture

Our new podcast series, Choose Trust, will feature leaders and thinkers who set out why trust is the way to do business, how to build trust and the value this can create. It’s part if the research for our new book of the same name, published by Economist Books and out next year. 

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